COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

The coronavirus continues to heavily affect our region’s economic ecosystem, and the Seattle Metro Chamber is advocating for resources for businesses at every level of government. Below are programs and guidance available to businesses from the Chamber and its partners as well as from city, county, state, and federal governments.

Resources and Guidance

Toolkits and Reopening Resources
Back to Work Toolkit
Developed by Madrona Venture Partners, alongside the venture community, leading tech, retail, and aerospace companies, and the Seattle Metropolitan and Bellevue Chambers of Commerce.

Reopening, Unemployment, and Resources for Small Businesses
Updates on three key topics that we know are on many of your minds.

COVID-19 Lease Amendment Toolkit

Working Parent Support Guide

Public Health Resources
Public Health Guidance For Employers And Individuals
Information on measures intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

King County Public Health's Coronavirus Resources
View fact sheets, data and blogs in addition to access to county resources.

Economic Impact Resources

What The New Stimulus Package Means For Our Region
Final package includes relief for small businesses, distressed industries, and vulnerable workers.

Regional Economic Impact Of The Coronavirus Outbreak
See the new study commissioned by the Seattle Metro Chamber and the Business Health Trust.

Local, State, and Federal Resources

Washington Small Business Recovery Assistance
Go-to resource for funding, technical assistance, finding a lending, training opportunities, and more.

Coronavirus Resources For You And Your Business
Resources from city, county, state and federal government.

Resources from Housing Connector
Resources including rent assistance, eviction prevention, way to help, and more.

Washington State Coronavirus Response
Get the latest news and resources from the state government.

Federal Resources For Small Businesses
Learn about two key programs: Economic Injury and Disaster Loans (EIDLs) and the Paycheck Protection Program.

#WeGotThisWA Series

We’re here to help navigate the questions that employers and employees have during the Coronavirus pandemic in a timely and accurate manner. In order to do this, we've created our new #WeGotThisWA Series in partnership with Business Health Trust.

Watch recordings of our past events here:

Toolkits and Best Practices
#WeGotThisWA Series: Temporary Outdoor Cafe, Vending, and Street Closure Permits, November 19
#WeGotThisWA Series: COVID-19 Design Guide, October 15

#WeGotThisWA Series: 2020 Business in the Northwest Report, September 29

#WeGotThisWA Series: Leave Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic, August 12
#WeGotThisWA Series: COVID-19 Lease Amendment Toolkit, July 28
#WeGotThisWA Series: Role of Employers in Contact Tracing, July 23
#WeGotThisWA Series: Mask Policy Best Practices, July 21
#WeGotThisWA Series: Working Parent Support Guide fro Companies, June 18
#WeGotThisWA Series: Cybersecurity Concerns for Businesses, June 11
#WeGotThisWA Series: Back to Work Toolkit, May 14
#WeGotThisWA Series: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Considerations for Businesses, May 12
#WeGotThisWA Series: Work from Home Tips for Physical Well-Being, May 8
#WeGotThisWA Series: Safe Work Planning Checklist, April 30
#WeGotThisWA Series: Planning for What's Ahead, April 28
#WeGotThisWA Series: Employee Engagement and Communication, April 7
#WeGotThisWA Series: Managing Business Expenses, April 2

Unemployment and PPP Information
#WeGotThisWA Series: PPP Updates on Forgiveness and a Second Draw, February 4
#WeGotThisWA Series: Employee Retention Tax Credit, January 25

#WeGotThisWA Series: Navigating PPP for First Time Applicants, January 14
#WeGotThisWA Series: PPP Forgiveness Update from SBA, November 20

#WeGotThisWA Series: ESD Employer Offset Program, September 22
#WeGotThisWA Series: Unemployment Fraud and ESD Update, June 4

#WeGotThisWA Series: PPP Loan Forgiveness Updated Guidance, May 20
#WeGotThisWA Series: PPP Frequently Asked Questions, April 23
#WeGotThisWA Series: What Every Business Should Know about PPP Loan Forgiveness, April 21
#WeGotThisWA Series: Unemployment Update and Paid Leave Requirements, April 14
#WeGotThisWA: Navigating State Unemployment in a Pandemic, March 23

King County and WA State Leaders
#WeGotThisWA Series: State Economic Recovery Update with Senator Frockt, September 10
#WeGotThisWA Series: Seattle Public Schools Fall Update, August 18
#WeGotThisWA Series: WA State Schools Update from Superintendent Reykdal, July 2
#WeGotThisWA Series: Q&A with King County Deputy Executive, June 30
#WeGotThisWA Series: King County Health Update from Dr. Duchin, June 25
#WeGotThisWA Series: 'Safe Start' Reopening Plan in King County, June 10
#WeGotThisWA Series: WA State COVID-19 Update from Vice Admiral Bono, June 9
#WeGotThisWA Series: Congressional Update, June 3
#WeGotThisWA Series: Updates from Mayor Durkan and the Governor's Office, May 26
#WeGotThisWA Series: Federal Stimulus Package, April 10
#WeGotThisWA Series: COVID-19 Economic Impact Analysis, April 9
#WeGotThisWA Series: Stay Home, Stay Healthy, March 27

Public Health Information
#WeGotThisWA Series: Latest Updates from Public Health, March 9
#WeGotThisWA Series: Update on the COVID-19 Vaccine, December 17

#WeGotThisWA Series: Supporting Employees' Mental Health during COVID, October 20

#WeGotThisWA Series: COVID-19 Vaccine Updates, September 15
#WeGotThisWA Series: Public Health Report on School Reopening, July 30
#WeGotThisWA Series: WA State COVID-19 Update from Vice Admiral Bono, June 9

#WeGotThisWA Series: Hear from Healthcare, March 31

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Learn more about this series and find additional resources from these events here.

Helping Our Community

Local Business Community Rallies to Provide Hand Sanitizer and Supplies to 500 Small Businesses in Washington
This four-day statewide distribution supports employees and employers, and helps keep workers healthy.

Resources For Manufacturers Wanting To Help With COVID-19 Response
Learn how to help provide much needed PPE and other supplies to King County, Washington State, and hospitals.

Chamber Members Step Up During The Coronavirus Outbreak
We're thankful to our members and all they're doing to support our community and each other during the coronavirus outbreak.

Find out how you can support your community during the coronavirus outbreak.

Technological Resources

Recording of our Elevate NW Series: Pivoting During the Pandemic
Central Washington University's Dr. Sayantani Mukherjee talked about how small businesses can pivot their marketing efforts from in-person experiences to the digital space, and how to use social media to connect with your customers. Use password 7k#KSR0# to access.

Avoid Coronavirus Phishing Scams
A sad but real threat to personal and business data.

Tips And Tricks For Adapting To Remote Work
Expert advice from Latitudes Technology Consulting, a trusted Chamber partner.

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