Women's Empowerment Conference, Nov. 9

Posted: 11/03/2017, 11:08 AM
Company: ATLAS Workbase
Author: David Hurst
Source: www.bawsemovement.org

Greetings fellow Seattle Metro Chamber members!

 ATLAS Workbase was approached by Tika Smith, Founder and President, BAWSE - Brilliantly Awesome Women Support Eachother to make their upcoming Women's Empowerment Conference a success. This conference is November 9th and they still need things like name tags, sponsorship dollars, and other in-kind support to make this day of empowering homeless women and their families a success.

Please reach out to Tike directly at (425) 7491854 or bawsethemovement@gmail.com if you can help. ATLAS Workbase is excited to potentially host next year's conference. 

Learn more about the conference and movement from their Q13 interview