Technology Advisory Partnership Program - Save 15%

Posted: 08/07/2020, 12:00 PM
Company: dvaDataStorage
Author: Dan Velando

**Schedule a call with our CIO – Michael Long by Aug. 31, 2020 and receive a 15% discount on any of our TAPP membership programs**

**TAPP multi company membership discounts available now thru Oct. 30, 2020**

Schedule time with Michael on his calendar:

TAPP membership and benefits:
· Annual Cost – Silver $35,000, Gold - $45,000, Platinum - $55,000
· Advisors will work with the CIO/IT leader and leadership team to standardize and consolidate technologies and platforms before transformation begins
· Programs provide a high ROI
· TAPP works with organizations to plan execution/provide oversight on major technology initiatives

Our TAPP program continues to gain interest as more companies see the benefits this program delivers vs. the cost of hiring/not bringing in the right person. CIO annual salaries of major cities in the west coast:

According to PayScale metrics, CIO annual salaries - Seattle, WA is $176,000 - $195,000, Portland, OR - $176,640, SF, CA - $224,489, LA, CA - $197,883, SD, CA - $162,079

Looking for cost savings while aligning business operations with corporate goals? Get all your questions answered during a discussion.

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