Swurveys is the Future of Feedback

Posted: 03/10/2017, 13:15 PM
Company: Swurveys, Inc.
Author: Zachary Rozga
Source: http://www.swurveys.com

No App required. Swurveys web-based model brings the functionality of Tinder like swipes to surveys. Swurveys are always customizable to allow your brand to shine through. And the best part is there is no monthly fee! Swurveys consistently generate 60% or better completion rates.  

You only pay when you people complete your Swurvey. Feel free to use our easy to use designer and build your first Swurvey on your own. Or opt for our premium service and let us do all of the heavy lifting to get your first Swurvey off the ground. 

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