2021 Legislative Preview with Seattle CityClub

Posted: 12/16/2020, 15:33 PM
Company: Seattle Club
Author: Amanda Johnson

Each year, Seattle CityClub’s Legislative Preview features top leadership of the Washington State Legislature from both sides of the aisle to learn about top priorities for the upcoming session. Both House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox (R) and Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig (D) are returning, but for the first time we’ll hear from Speaker Laurie Jinkins (D), Washington’s first woman and first out lesbian Speaker of the House, as well as new Senate Republican Leader John Braun (R). 


Moderated by Austin Jenkins of the Northwest News Network and Essex Porter  of KIRO 7, our panel will discuss how upcoming legislation will affect our communities.  Join us to learn about how the Legislature will handle COVID-19limit bill introductions, approach public safety, address economic recovery, and much more. 


Tickets are available on a sliding scale, starting at $20, and are free for youth under 22. Register by Wednesday, January 6thor click here for more information.