Paycheck Protection Program: Beyond the Headlines

By: Editorial Staff Posted: 05/11/2020

We encourage you to take a look as funding is still available

The federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program has drawn a lot of headlines as the most visible form of immediate relief for businesses. What you might not know is that the PPP still has funding available.

At the end of April, Congress authorized another $310 billion for the program. As of May 7, there was approximately $125 billion or so left, and it is being disbursed at a rate of about $2 billion per day.

If this is an option you considered for your business in April, we encourage you to take another look.

The Chamber is dedicated to helping our members be part of an inclusive recovery, which includes access to relief like the PPP. If your application is stalled or if you are looking for lenders who specialize in working with underrepresented businesses, please reach out to Ashton Allison, our director of business retention and expansion.