Planning ahead for a safe reopening

By: Editorial Staff Posted: 05/04/2020

Here are several resources to help with key questions on both tactics and strategy for reopening

On May 1, Governor Jay Inslee announced that he is extending our state's stay-at-home order through May 31 and shared his four-phase plan for what our state's reopening will look like.

As we continue to look ahead to reopening safely, the Chamber remains committed to being your business advocate and sharing resources so that you and your colleagues can plan ahead. We fully appreciate that safe and successful reopening depends on aligning business operations with public health guidance, and our executive vice president Markham McIntyre shared those sentiments in an interview with Vox on our state's reopening.

This week, the Chamber and our partners in the business community shared several resources that may help you think through key questions on both tactics and strategy:

  • Back to Work Toolkit, developed by Madrona Venture Partners, alongside the venture community, leading tech, retail, and aerospace companies, and the Seattle Metropolitan and Bellevue Chambers of Commerce.
  • Recording of the webinar hosted by Madrona Venture Partners on the Back to Work Toolkit
  • Checklist: Planning for the New Normal: Checklists and framework developed by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for Challenge Seattle and Washington Roundtable
  • Recording of the webinar the Chamber hosted on BCG's checklist, featuring Charlie Davis and Justin Vincent of BCG, and Teresa Hutson of Microsoft
  • Recording of the webinar the Chamber hosted on business strategy and stakeholder engagement going forward, featuring leaders from APCO Worldwide

We're also proud to share that the week of April 27, our association health plan, the Business Health Trust, delivered portable hand sanitizer stands and other supplies to 500 small businesses around the state. Business Health Trust worked with a local manufacturer to get these stands made, and partnered with a number of others businesses as well as Challenge Seattle to round up the resources for this project. This is an example of how we are continuing to think of ways that we can be an effective partner to our members in these uncertain times.