BizX is a community of successful businesses that buy and sell amongst each other without using cash.   Today there are over 4,000 businesses in the BizX community - all growing their sales, reducing costs, and becoming more profitable!  The BizX network is absolutely FREE to join.
By Joining BizX, You Will:
  1. Get NEW Customers
    Everybody wants new customers. BizX is a sales and marketing channel that delivers high value customers who are business owners like you.
  2.  Save Your Cash
    Keep cash in your business by keeping costs out.  Each BizX member is not only a potential customer, but also a supplier.
  3. Join a Powerful Community
    Be at the center of over 4,000 business owners who are more profitable than their peers
The Chamber Deal
As part of an exclusive partnership agreement with BizX, members of the Seattle Metro Chamber will immediately receive $200 to spend in the BizX network in their account upon sign up.  What better way to get integrated into the Community then over a meal at one of your new favorite BizX restaurants!

Benefits of BizX

  • New customers delivering incremental revenue
  • Unlimited access to the thousands of business owner members in the network
  • Free BizX purchasing cards for each authorized member in your business
  • Support from a dedicated BizX Account Manager
  • Complementary marketing promotions to other BizX members on your behalf
  • Monthly financial statements with itemized transactions
  • 7.5% commission when we bring you business and save you cash!

Questions?  Just ask!
Email us at and we will talk you through who we are, what we do, and whats in it for YOU!
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Membership starts at $500 and is open to any business or organization interested in increasing their presence in Seattle metropolitan region.

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