PNW Study Mission

An annual, regional study mission trip for Seattle metropolitan area leaders

  • About
    In addition to our domestic and international leadership mission trips, the Chamber partners with the Puget Sound Regional Council to host an annual trip for leaders to connect other parts of our region, exploring innovation and economic development. This trip explores the innovation and economic development across Washington. Past trips have focused on:

    • A variety of industries, including education, transportation, and housing
    • Site visits to unique and innovative companies including WSU and others
    • Regions including Eastern Washington, the South Sound, and the Olympic Peninsula
  • Why attend

    Why attend? You will:

    1. Get a backstage pass to limited-access venues and learn about the hidden gems of the Pacific Northwest
    2. Learn how we can better cultivate, nurture and invest in our own city through a regional lens
    3. Network and develop new relationships with other delegates and regional leaders
  • Who attends

    The PNW Study Mission draws:

    • Public officials from the Seattle metropolitan region and across the state
    • Executives from local and regional companies
    • Companies and entrepreneurs interested in relationship and investment opportunities
  • What past attendees have to say

    "As is often the case, there is more right under our nose than we often know. That's valuable." - Past attendee, City of Destiny Study Mission 2019

    It was great to connect with staff at the Chamber - who are all super. They really did an outstanding job on this trip, content and organization. Time well spent. – Past attendee, Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas Study Mission 2017

    "One of the most significant takeaways or learnings that comes from a study mission like this is the opportunity to engage business leaders and elected officials in an intimate setting where you can focus on the issues that impact everyone in our state. This is truly a special venue to examine critical aspects of our state economy." - Greg Collins, Southwest Washington Study Mission

    "The greatest value of these trips is in two things: the acquaintance and network that develop as a result of spending a couple of days together, and the "aha" moments that you never anticipated. Having been on enough of these trips, I know on blind faith that there will be value that I never expected, and that's why I would encourage anyone to sign up, even if you don't think you see something on the agenda that applies directly to you." - Skip Kotkins,Southwest Washington Study Mission

    "Like all Chamber trips, this was perfectly conceived and offered something for everyone and anyone. Beyond the specifics of the presentations and venues, the chance to get to know other trip participants is invaluable." - Past attendee, Cascade Curtain Study Mission

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