Executive Speaker Series: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Executive Speaker Series: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

  • Date(s): Thu, Apr 25, 2019
  • Time(s): 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
  • Location: Microsoft Events Center at the Seattle Metro Chamber
  • Address: 1301 5th Ave, Ste 1500, Seattle, WA, 98101 (Get Directions)
  • Members: $45 pre-paid ($55 as of 4/23)
  • Non-Members: $70 pre-paid ($110 as of 4/23)
  • Additional Information: Online registration is now closed. We will be accepting walk-up registrations at the door.
  • Questions: Contact Betsy Paige at 206-389-7345

What is blockchain and what does it mean for your business?

According to a 2018 Deloitte survey, nearly three quarters of respondents reported that their organizations see a compelling business case for the use of blockchain, and more than half expected their company to deploy a blockchain application in the next year.

Why all the buzz? Blockchain is a decentralized database in which transaction records, or blocks, are stored across multiple computers. Each block has a timestamp and a link to a previous block, and no single user can alter the chain without authorization from all users on the chain. The result is higher security, increased transparency, and greater efficiency. This technology has applications across many businesses, as it can be used to record financial transactions, store medical records, track the flow of goods through a supply chain, execute contracts, and more. 

At April's Executive Speaker Series, our panel of experts will speak about what opportunities the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries could hold for our region. We’ll discuss how this emerging technology could affect your business, as well as the challenges ahead and the possible tax and regulatory implications for this field.

  • Jesse Adams
    Jesse Adams
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Akshay Aggarwal
    Akshay Aggarwal
    Founder and Executive Chairman
    Deja vu Security
  • Greg Heuss
    Greg Heuss
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner
    CounterPointe Ventures
  • Joseph Williams
    Dr. Joseph Williams
    Director of Economic Development, Information and Communication Technology Sector
    Washington State Department
    of Commerce
  • Arry Yu
    Arry Yu
    Chair, Blockchain Council
    Washington Technology
    Industry Association
About the Executive Speaker Series: Our monthly Executive Speaker Series events each focus on a unique industry and feature top business leaders who discuss the successes, challenges, and opportunities facing their sector. A plated lunch and time for networking are included.

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