• 3735-v4

    Rebuilding an Equitable Region

    Explore ideas of how we can approach the future with an equitable lens at the next WIBLI "21",
    September 29.

  • 3935

    New Program
    for Employers

    Join us to hear how the new COVID-19 unemployment program works, how to apply, who is eligible, how your offset amount is determined, and more, September 22.

  • 3974

    Updates from
    State Leaders

    Join us as we welcome Senate Majority Leader Billig and Speaker of the House Jinkins and hear their outlook on what's ahead, September 18.

  • 3827

    Rising to
    the Occasion

    Join us to celebrate what we've accomplished together over the past year, and to look at how we can make a positive mark on the region in the year ahead, September 24.

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