Take Action: Urge State Legislators to Maintain Funding for Voter-Approved ST3

The Seattle Metro Chamber and our members strongly supported the Sound Transit 3 ballot measure, and we are committed to seeing that the package approved by voters can be delivered in its entirety. The Puget Sound region has recognized the need to invest in a robust mass transit system, and these projects will make what has been a dream for several decades into reality.

We were disappointed to see that the House passed HB2201 last week, and that the Senate is considering similar bills that would seriously impair Sound Transit’s ability to deliver the projects that voters approved.  While we understand the importance of balancing funding needs and affordability in a way that is fair to taxpayers, we oppose the bills currently under consideration because they would leave multi-billion-dollar funding gaps that would inevitably delay or eliminate important voter-approved projects.

Delivering the full ST3 plan approved by voters is critically important to mobility in our state, particularly in giving more Puget Sound residents a reliable, affordable option to get between where they live and where they work.  Any effort by legislators to make changes to the MVET valuation schedule must also include mechanisms to offset funding losses for Sound Transit 3.

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