Seattle City Council unanimously approves policies key to greater housing affordability

By: Alicia Teel Posted: 02/24/2017

Our city's economic competitiveness improves when people of all income levels can afford to live near their workplaces

Aerial_Seattle_WideOn Tuesday, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously in favor of an rezone in the University District that will enable the neighborhood to accommodate more people--a crucial step in light of its growing access to transit, proximity to major employers and jobs. This rezone also included the activation of the Mandatory Housing Affordability program, an element of the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) that is projected to produce 6,000 affordably-priced units over the next ten years, once it is implemented across the city. 

Seattle Metro Chamber President and CEO Maud Daudon welcomed the news, saying, “Seattle’s continued global competitiveness depends on people of all income levels being able to find affordably-priced housing in our city. Today’s unanimous approval of the University District rezone is a significant step toward that goal."

The connection between housing affordability and our economic competitiveness is why continued progress on the HALA recommendations and keeping the “Grand Bargain” intact  is a top local policy priority for the Chamber this year. For more information about the Chamber's work on this issue, please contact Kyla Shkerich, the Chamber's policy and outreach manager. 

This is a significant step forward for HALA, which is a set of policies aimed at adding 50,000 homes in our city over the next 10 years, including preservation and production of 20,000 net new affordable homes. Please take a moment to thank the Council for approving the U-District rezone and activating the MHA program.