Prudent investments carry the day for Seattle voters

By: Alicia Teel Posted: 08/02/2016

Chamber welcomes victory for Housing Levy, rejection of I-123

Aerial_Seattle_WidePrimary results on two Seattle ballot measures bode well for the city's future. The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce welcomed Tuesday's victory for Seattle Proposition 1, the renewal of the city’s housing levy. In the months before the election, Seattle's business community demonstrated once again that it steps up for needed investments. Business leaders understand that a thriving economy depends on a diverse workforce, and to get there, people of all income levels must be able to afford to live in our city.   

In a statement, Chamber President and CEO Maud Daudon said, “Seattle’s voters spoke loud and clear that they, like the Chamber, want responsible, accountable investments in our city’s future. We proudly supported the housing levy renewal, which will create and preserve thousands of homes so that more of our city’s residents can afford to stay in Seattle. This levy is an important part of the HALA plan to address the city’s housing affordability challenges. We appreciate Mayor Ed Murray’s leadership on the plan in general and this levy in particular.”

 The Chamber also weighed in on Initiative 123, a measure to override existing plans for a waterfront park. The organization advised voters to reject I-123, citing the uncertainty it would create for a waterfront plan that has been in the works for nearly a decade, as well as the financial consequences of passing this unfunded mandate. Upon seeing the primary results, Daudon said, “It’s a relief to know that we can move forward with planning for Seattle’s new waterfront park, especially since thousands of our city’s residents have already participated in the process.”