The Seattle Region Partnership to Grow Jobs and Ensure Shared Prosperity in the Seattle Region

By: Alicia Teel Posted: 04/04/2016

Business, government, and philanthropic sectors unite to advance local middle-income jobs

SRP Launch_wide

Leaders of the Seattle Region Partnership, a new tri-sector initiative that brings together business, government, and philanthropy to address jobs and opportunity for our region’s residents, came together on March 31 to set the table for how each sector can contribute to strengthening the “handshake” between employers, job seekers, and the system that supports them.

First announced at the Seattle Metro Chamber’s 2015 Regional Leadership Conference, the Partnership—a  more collective, coordinated and strategic focus on multiple aspects of our region’s middle-income jobs—implements the top recommendation of a Boston Consulting Group study on Seattle’s global competitiveness. These middle-income jobs, or “pathway” jobs, are essential to ensuring inclusive economic success in our region.

Rather than create an entirely new organization, the Partnership will work to better understand the complexity of the current landscape of programs and organizations involved in advancing middle-income jobs over the next six to nine months. Then, it will identify attractive opportunities for the Partnership to support, and set these opportunities in motion in partnership with the right community stakeholders.

The Partnership is composed of King County leaders including elected officials, business, philanthropic and community nonprofit CEOs, and university representatives. The Partnership is led by the Seattle Metro Chamber, King County, the City of Seattle, and the Seattle Foundation. 

Maud Daudon, the Chamber’s president and CEO, spoke to the importance of private sector participation in this effort, noting, “The Seattle Region Partnership is about businesses working with the government and nonprofit sectors to strengthen and improve middle-income job creation, retention, training, and placements. Employers can share what works, offer insight into the jobs available and the skills needed to fill them, and support economic development and workforce development system improvements recommended through the SRP process.” 

The Seattle Region Partnership is one of several new initiatives resulting from the Seattle Global Cities Initiative, a Chamber-led effort—in partnership with JPMorgan Chase, the Brookings Institution and the Boston Consulting Group—focused on benchmarking the Seattle region against comparable regions around the world and identifying actionable steps for local leaders to improve our region’s ability to compete in the global marketplace. Other areas of focus have included increased attention on foreign investment attraction, STEM education and branding of our region globally

For more information about the Seattle Region Partnership, please contact Alessandra Zielinski, director of the Partnership.