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By: Alicia Teel Posted: 10/15/2015

Twelve ways you can support progress and shared success in the Seattle region

vote666x210The 2015 general election includes many offices and issues that directly affect the Seattle's region's economy and quality of life. Take this chance to weigh in on important issues like education and transportation, as well as to help elect leaders willing to work with the employer community on Seattle's toughest challenges. 

Following are the Seattle Metro Chamber's endorsements for measures on the general election ballot, as well as the candidate endorsements of our political affiliate, the Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy (CASE)

City of Seattle Proposition 1 (Let's Move Seattle): YES 

The Seattle Metro Chamber has endorsed this measure because it builds on a series of recent investments, such as increased Metro service and the new statewide transportation package, so that people and goods can get around our city quickly and easily—saving time and fuel. The final package also recognizes the importance of a strong backstop for transportation funding by setting a $40 million baseline for the Seattle Department of Transportation in the city’s general fund budget, an amount that will be adjusted for inflation every year. 

City of Seattle Initiative 122: NO

The Seattle Metro Chamber opposes this measure because it would bring unpredictability and vulnerability into the City of Seattle’s electoral process. This proposal leaves several opportunities for unintended consequences, such as disenfranchising minority contractors from the electoral process, and allowing opportunity for voucher fraud and manipulation of the voucher system. 

King County Proposition 1 (Best Starts for Kids): YES

Best Starts for Kids tackles an  important challenge for our region’s future: ensuring all children are given opportunities to fulfill their cognitive potential, starting at birth. Our community cannot afford to leave kids behind. One in four students in King County does not graduate from high school on time, a statistic that is even lower for many populations of color. Best Starts for Kids is a bipartisan, evidence-based measure that will fund proven programs, deliver real, measurable benefits, and create lasting change to help children succeed and fill the jobs that local employers need. 

Initiative 1366: NO 

The Chamber has previously opposed initiatives that sought to impose a two-thirds supermajority for tax increases because this threshold makes it much more difficult to gain legislative approval for major investments that improve our state’s competitiveness, such as transportation funding or investments in our state’s education system. For example, had this restriction been in place this year, the $16 billion bipartisan transportation package—a top Chamber priority—would not have passed since fewer than two-thirds of House members voted for it. 

For more information about the Chamber's positions on these ballot measures, please contact Meadow Johnson, our senior vice president of government relations. 

Seattle often sets the tone for our region when it comes to local policies, which is why CASE, a political organization of local businesses sponsored by the Chamber, has solely focused on the Seattle City Council races. 

For this year's general election, CASE has endorsed the following candidates. These candidates reflect Seattle’s progressive values and are willing to collaborate on solving major challenges such as housing affordability, transportation and smartly preparing for our city’s future: 

For more information about CASE, please contact its executive director, Markham McIntyre.
Don't forget: ballots must be returned or postmarked by Tuesday, November 3.