Message from the President & CEO

Dear Seattle Metro Chamber members:

It’s been an incredible year for the Seattle Metro Chamber. The region’s economy is booming and there are no signs of slowing down. As noted by Seattle Times columnist Jon Talton, “(f)rom the cityscape to wages, startups and the prosperity of its most important companies, most important economic metrics are strong for the city and metropolitan area.”

We also recognize that for the region to thrive, success must be inclusive. The promise of shared prosperity in times of unprecedented growth is a core part of the Chamber’s commitment to the triple bottom line. We believe that the business community does best when we have a strong economy, we are stewards of our natural and cultural assets, and we ensure that we don’t leave people behind.

I’m consistently heartened by the proactive, engaged, solution-oriented mindset demonstrated by our members. Your support throughout the year has been tremendous and I’m pleased to report that we’ve had one of our best years ever. The Chamber’s key accomplishments this year include:

  • New global competitiveness data that has served as a launching pad for a major opportunity: bringing the private, public, and philanthropic sectors to work together on connecting our region’s residents to family-wage careers.

  • A 75 percent success rate for our political affiliate, CASE. This year’s focus on the Seattle City Council resulted in increased relevance and six of the eight CASE-endorsed candidates winning their races.

  • The launch of 100% Talent, a proactive, employer-led gender equity initiative. This solution-based, five-year initiative is a joint effort of the Chamber and Women’s Funding Alliance to address King County’s gender wage gap.

  • Tens of billions of dollars in federal, state and local transportation funding. Our tireless advocacy for federal funding, a statewide transportation package, and local investments means we’ll have more resources to improve the movement of people and goods.

  • Progress on an integrated housing and transportation vision. Through the HALA recommendations and passage of Move Seattle, Seattle is on a path to make the most of the capacity it has and provide affordable options for all workers.

  • More than 300 world–class events, programs and meetings that help you connect with people in your industry, future customers, and our region’s decision-makers.

  • A broader reach in the community through our 430 new members and reciprocal memberships with 23 neighborhood and ethnic chambers.

  • Over 130 positive media mentions on the work we’re doing.

We should take great pride in the considerable progress and impact we have made last year. None of our success would have been possible without the hard work of the Chamber staff and the generosity of our members.

I couldn’t be more excited and optimistic about the region’s economic potential, the opportunities for us to contribute to its growing prosperity, and the chance to expand the circle of success. Next year, our top priorities include:

  • Publicly announcing the tri-sector partnership to link residents to opportunities in our region.

  • Signing up at least 100 companies to participate in the 100% Talent initiative.

  • Actively engaging on the development of ST3, the next major expansion of our high-capacity transit system.

  • Leading on state and local education policy to increase affordability, access and alignment of our system to our jobs.

  • Supporting world class assets for our region, including the addition to the Convention Center, waterfront redevelopment, and a more efficient Sea-Tac Airport

Thank you for your continued support and unwavering participation. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming year.


Maud Daudon
President & CEO
Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Maud Daudon
President & CEO