Dear Seattle Metro Chamber Members:

Seattle City Council is once again aggressively pursuing a misguided tax on jobs on all businesses in Seattle.

This latest proposal also includes a "skin in the game" fee that will affect every small business in the city. This comes despite businesses contributing nearly 60% of the City's $1.2 billion general fund through the taxes they already pay. That's close to $700 million per year paid by employers to the City of Seattle.

In response, the Seattle Small Business Advisory Council has drafted a letter that will go to City Council today, and we urgently need as many small business owners as possible to sign on to this letter. Click HERE to add your name now. The deadline to sign on is 3:00 p.m. today.

It is absolutely critical that businesses of all sizes tell City Council that a citywide tax on jobs is the wrong approach to address our region's homelessness crisis. We urge the Council to carefully examine the $63 million the City now spends on homelessness, the $30 million housing bond they approved in 2016, the $290 million affordable housing levy approved by voters, and to take a regional approach to this regional problem, as the One Table effort does. This will create an action plan with specifics to effectively house those who need assistance.

If you are a larger business, please use our convenient letter writing tool to contact your Councilmembers and urge them to consider the ramifications of this proposal on the business community. You can also call City Council at (206) 684-8888.

Please write or call your City Councilmembers today.


Marilyn Strickland
President & CEO
Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

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