Message from the President & CEO

Dear Chamber Members:

Over the past two weeks, I have had a chance to speak with many of you and to personally reflect on the narrative and the unexpected outcome of the general election. I am certain we will learn much in the days and weeks ahead about the nature of the divide that has grown in our country and—looking at the voting maps— in our region and state.

I am proud that this organization and our members are dedicated to building an inclusive region where all of our residents feel safe and valued. This Chamber has long seen economic prosperity and inclusion as being critically intertwined. Our business members rely on the full range of talents a diverse workforce brings, and our non-profit members work hard to ensure that our values of inclusion translate to everyone in the community. The Chamber is committed to ensuring our country’s ideals of justice and equity meaningfully extend to all, no matter one’s race, gender, religious preference, sexual orientation or walk of life. As we work towards strengthening our community we will continue to engage in this work and stand with our many partners who do so throughout our region.

As we fight for inclusion and look for every opportunity to advance these values with the new administration, we will just as diligently look for opportunities to advance additional issues that align with our steadfast work to enhance our economic prosperity. With 40 percent of our jobs dependent on international trade, we must strongly stand up for policies that keep us connected around the globe. We have long advocated for immigration reform so that we can continue to grow a diverse and well-educated talent pool. And with our commitment to a thriving quality of life and healthy environment, we will continue our work to address environmental issues such as climate change.

I am eager to hear your thoughts in the days and weeks ahead. As I think of celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends,
I feel grateful for your support of our work and your countless contributions to making this a truly incredible place to live.


Maud Daudon
President & CEO
Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Maud Daudon
President & CEO

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