Tearing down the Cascade Curtain

Posted August 24, 2012 by Kim Sklar

Learn more about current statewide initiatives in our Cascade Curtain recap video

2012 Cascade Curtain Study Mission from Seattle Metro Chamber on Vimeo.

The trip's success is measured not just by what we learned, but by what we do with that knowledge. Already, we've instigated several action items from the trip. For instance, we:
  • helped raise awareness around PNNL's bid to make Washington State a smart grid hub;
  • focused on immigration reform that would benefit both sides of the state, like the E-verify bill that was mentioned at Broetje Orchards;
  • and identified this year's Regional Leadership Conference (October 17-19) as a vehicle for continuing to peel back the Cascade Curtain and craft a shared regional vision around innovation and competitiveness.

We also saw room for our state to grow, including potential efforts to:
  • pursue a multi-modal transportation and freight mobility funding package
  • advance the economic benefits of our clean energy, agriculture and military sectors
  • drive K-12 education that focuses on student achievement and teacher performance,
  • leverage our higher education institutions as economic engines that produce a steady stream of talent and investment.

Learn more about this year's trip east of the Cascades: