City of Music Partnership

Chamber to promote, advocate for and support local music industry

Seattle City of Music

Music is a $2.2 billion industry that creates more than 20,000 jobs In Seattle and King County. Plus, music is rapidly becoming part of the business model for our large companies. And it is essential in attracting and retaining talent.

To raise awareness of music as an economic engine and cultural asset, the Chamber is partnering with the City of Seattle on the City of Music initiative. The effort formalizes a long history of collaboration between the City of Seattle and the Chamber and is led by a volunteer task force of Chamber members and Seattle Music Commissioners.

City of Music Task Force Mission: To propel Seattle’s music community and industry to the forefront of a rapidly expanding creative economy throughout North America, producing a climate for music that will reward our city with a stronger economy and cultural environment.

The task force work plan calls for targeted efforts around industry promotion, professional development, and advocacy for music industry related issues.

The Seattle City of Music App

The first feature product of the partnership is a new “City of Music” app. Produced by local app developer and Chamber member, FrontRunner, this new app expands on a music discovery tool launched last January as part of SeaTac Airport’s "Experience the City of Music" initiative.

With the new app, local listeners and visitors will have a single source for listening to local music playlists, finding upcoming live shows, and viewing documentary videos about the Northwest music scene. Content is provided by a dozen local outlets, including KEXP, PlayNetwork, SeaTac Airport, Jet City Stream, SSG Music, Rainy Dawg Radio, Seattle Weekly, Seattle Times, 107.7 The END, Sound on the Sound, the Stranger and Sport'n Life.



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