Approve Referendum 1

The Seattle City Council passed Ordinance Number 123542 in February 2011. A section of that ordinance—section 6—has been placed on the ballot for the August 16 primary election. 

If approved, Section 6 would authorize the City council to give notice to proceed, beyond preliminary design work, with three agreements concerning the state’s proposal to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct with a deep-bore tunnel.

This is an all-mail election. Ballots will be sent on July 26 and must be postmarked by August 16, 2011.

Vote to Approve Ref. 1

It is important to approve Referendum 1 because:
  • 10 years is long enough
    Since the Nisqually earthquake, there have been 700 community meetings and 15,000 public comments. The Bored Tunnel+Transit solution has the support of the Governor, State Legislature, King County, the Seattle City Council, as well as endorsements from hundreds of organizations, legislative districts and neighborhood groups.
  • The alternative is surface and political gridlock
    The mayor wants to put the 110,000 vehicles a day that use the viaduct onto city streets and I-5. His unfunded idea would create traffic gridlock and more political delays.
  • Broken promises and a delay are not going to get us anywhere
    The mayor promised not to stand in the way of the project during his campaign. Ten years of process is enough. It’s simply time to move forward on this consensus decision.


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